By Clearcreek Metalcraft

Clearcreek Metalcraft makes it easy and safe to tie down your narrow front Oliver and save your paint.  No more scratched paint and messed up frame holes.  These tie downs bolt into the 3 existing threaded holes in the front tub directly behind the narrow front pedestal.  The D ring then folds up out of sight and out of the way when not in use.  The pieces are precision laser cut, professionally welded and have a working limit of 6000 lbs and an 18,000 lb MBS.  A great way to transport your show worthy Oliver tractor.  Please note that these will NOT fit wide front tractors as they use the factory mounting holes used when attaching a wide front end.  These tie downs are designed to fit Oliver 66, 77, 88, Super 66, Super 77, Super 88, 660, 770, 880 and some later model tractors.  Oliver 60 and Oliver 70 have the casting bosses in the tub, but the holes may need drilled and taped.  The correct size bolts are also included to make installation a breeze!

Tie Down Pricing:

$35.00 each includes mounting hardwarE

Shipping: $7.00 flat rate in the USA

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