Weights for Oliver Tractors

‚ÄčThe Right Weight for Your Antique Oliver

At Clearcreek Metalcraft, Olivers are a passion.  We got started making weights for Olivers because we were traveling all around the country to auctions only to be out bid on the weights.  We wanted the weights for restorations and for tractor pulling.  If you are looking for them, you know they are incredibly hard to find.  After thousands spent on molds/pattern boxes, the reproduction weights are now being cast in an Ohio foundry and are 100% Made in America.   

Authentic Reproductions

WE Love Old Olivers

By Clearcreek Metalcraft

These weights look, feel, function, and fit like the originals and are accurate down to the part number.  Even the casting material is gray iron 30.  You'll be hard pressed to find a difference, except its not rusty and 60 years old!